Anthem: How to Leave Launch Bay

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The Launch Bay in Anthem is your social space in the game.  It’s the place where you’ll be able to show-off your custom Javelins and see other player creations.  You’ll also be able to meet up with other players to form squads and tackle the game’s many challenging missions.  However, you may find yourself unable to find your way out of the Launch Bay and this guide will explain how to exit the area in multiple ways.

How to Get Out of the Launch Bay in Anthem

While you’re likely in the Launch Bay checking out the different kiosks that allow you to check your progress in Anthem and customize your Javelin, The Launch Bay has two big wooden doors that will allow you to return to Fort Tarsis if you need to talk with any of the NPCs there.  Just look for the big wooden doors in the image above to head out to Fort Tarsis.  There are some other ways to technically exit the Launch Bay.

You’ll find things like the Alliance System, Contracts Board, Personal Vault, and Path to Glory Kiosks in the Launch Bay.  You’ll also find the Forge where you can customize your Javelins and craft weapons or other items.  The Launch Bay also has a Featured Store and Expedition Bay so you can change appearance or launch out directly into a Mission, Contract, or Expedition from this area.

To leave back to Fort Tarsis you will use the big wooden doors in the image above.  To launch into a different in-game activity you will use the kiosks to select the activity you want and then launch from there.

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