Apex Legends How to Launch Solo

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Apex Legends does require that you play with a squad, but if you’re not feeling your Jumpmaster’s landing zone you can choose to go your own way if you really want.  When in the area where you are waiting to drop, you can simply press a button to separate yourself from your squad.

Holding down the Circle Button (PS4) or the B Button (Xbox One) you can choose to drop on your own. Doing this will allow you to go wherever you want on the map and you won’t need to jump in tandem with your team. Once you separate from your team you will be able to land wherever you want.  This can be nearby where you Jumpmaster has decided to land, or it can be somewhere entirely different.

The upsides to this is that you have a little bit more freedom than you do when you rely on the Jumpmaster.  Your team can cover more area, dropping in different parts of the map.  The downside to this is that you’re potentially going to be running into teams of three people once you touch down.  You’ll be without your team and if you die it’s likely that your team will be too far away to revive you or even retrieve your banner so that you can be resurrected.

While there is no Solo play, jumping solo and abandoning your teammates prior to hitting the ground is the closest thing you’ll get in Apex Legends at the moment.

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