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Battlefield V How to Call in Squad Reinforcements, V1, Tanks

Only one player can call them in on your squad.

by William Schwartz


Squad Reinforcements allow you to reap the rewards of good play in Battlefield V.   As you play a match your squad will earn points that can be put towards in-game items that can help turn the tide of the battle.  The twist is that not everyone has access to these rewards in your squad.

To call in Squad Reinforcements in Battlefield V you’ll need to be the squad leader to do so.  Then you can access the Squad Reinforcements item wheel by holding the LB and RB buttons.  Doing so will bring up a wheel of potential reinforcements.  These can be things like tanks, rocket attacks, supply drops, and more.

Each one of these items has a different point value assigned to it.  You can see how many points you have at any given time by looking next to your name in the Square UI on the bottom left hand side of the screen.  Once you’ve gotten enough points for the Reinforcement that you want you will just hit the LB and RB buttons and call in the item.

Vehicles will generally spawn in at the deployment screen, while things like rocket attacks and supply drops will need to be placed on the battlefield.

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