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Battletoads – How To Change Difficulty

Three to choose from.

by Dean James


The original Battletoads was always known for its difficulty, with it being infamous for being one of the hardest games ever made. Difficult games still have a place in today’s gaming landscape as seen with games like Cuphead. However, that can make it problematic with being approachable, so many games have chosen to include difficulty options. The new Battletoads reboot is one of those that offered a few different difficulty options for the player and this guide will explain how you can change them.

How To Change Difficulty

Battletoads offers the player three difficulty levels to choose from, which are Tadpole, Toad, and Battletoad. These are essentially the game’s version of easy, normal, and hard here, which you are prompted to pick whenever you first start the game.

For these three difficulties, the difference is in enemy health, enemy strength, and respawn time. The higher difficulty level you choose, the better the chances you will not survive as a result of a combination of these. In addition, Battletoad difficulty does not allow you to activate temporary invincibility in the space shooter stages either.

Some people may overestimate their abilities and expect to be able to beat the game on Battletoad, or even Toad, and be struggling a bit. On the other hand, some may underestimate their abilities and find the game too easy when on something like Tadpole or even Toad. As a result, those people may realize they need to change the difficulty one way or the other.

The bad news is that once you start up a save file with a specific difficulty level, there is no way to change it after the fact. This means you are stuck with the difficulty option that you select from the beginning. Thankfully, the game does offer multiple save slots to pick from at the start, as well as the game not being overly long in the first place. Due to this, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting back to where you were out in a few hours if you do have to change the difficulty.

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