12 Best 7 Days to Die Mods

7 Days to Die is a first-person survival horror video game that requires players to scavenge for resources, survive the day, and encounter various enemies in its brutal world. It’s a game that players can find a lot of fun with, but it can be improved significantly through mods. Here are the 12 best mods for 7 Days to Die.

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Best 7 Days to Die Mods

The mods mentioned in this guide are designed to improve the overall experience for 7 Days to Die in one way or another. Whether you are looking for more gameplay mechanics, harder difficulty, or a fresh experience, this guide has the perfect mod for you. In no particular order, here are the 12 best mods for the survival game 7 Days to Die.

Age of Oblivion

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Farming is an essential mechanic in 7 Days to Die, but there’s no denying that it can be exhausting looking for crops. No longer is it tiring with the Age of Oblivion mod. With a more considerable amount of crops that are easier to find, this mod aims to make farming more pleasant for players.


Image: The Fun Pimps

For those players who have done everything 7 Days to Die has to offer, the Ravenhearst mod switches things up for them. Not only is there a significant spike in difficulty, but this mod also changes the entire map making it the perfect way to enjoy a fresh experience.

Extend Turret Active Range

Image: The Fun Pimps

Having a turret in your arsenal can make all the difference in whether you survive the brutal and challenging night. The downside of having a turret is that the player must stand close to it to activate and gun down enemies. With the Extend Turret Active Range, players can rest assured that they can move away from the turret and continue for it to stay activated. It’s a slight improvement but extremely helpful as it doubles the range players can walk away from the turret.


Image: The Fun Pimps

One of the biggest complaints from players of 7 Days to Die is that there are only a few weapons, and the ones included could be better. This mod aims to switch that for folks, as it adds a whole array of new weaponry, including melee and ranged weapons. The new weapons are powerful, too, making the player feel like a badass. This is a great way to make the game feel more action-oriented than in its base form.

Bdub’s Vehicles

Image: The Fun Pimps

Vehicles aren’t too shabby in 7 Days to Die, but they could be a lot better. For car enthusiasts, the Bdub’s Vehicles mod adds an entire catalog of vehicles for players to help them navigate the terrain and explore. Fans of this mod have reported that the vehicles are easy to control and have included some of their favorites. Some of the cars offered are in-depth too and well designed, which is very pleasant to the eyes.

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Lucky Looter AIO

Image: The Fun Pimps

Ever gone through the trouble of exploring a specific area in 7 Days to Die just to come up short with the resources you were looking for? Well, with the Lucky Looter AIO, your chances are increased tremendously, increasing the likelihood of finding the exact item you went searching for. This works well with particular areas, for example, a hospital. Searching for a hospital will provide a more significant amount of medical supplies than it does in the base game. This is perfect for players who don’t want to spend all day and night finding a specific item.

Basic Water and Temp HUD

Image: Nexus Mods and The Fun Pimps

Nothing is more annoying than having to flip through a series of menus to ensure my water and temp levels are on point. 7 Days to Die make this important stat ridiculously annoying to monitor, so thank god there is a mod that fixes this issue. The Basic Water and Temp HUD does exactly what the name implies, adding a HUD for Water and Temp levels to make monitoring easy. It’s a small change, but something that can make the entire 7 Days to Die experience smoother for players.

More Skill Points Per Level

Image: The Fun Pimps

One of the best mods for 7 Days to Die is the More Skill Points Per Level mod. Simply put, this mod allows players to get more skill points every time they level up, and sometimes it’s a game-breaking amount. For example, it’s randomized where a player could get only two but sometimes can get up to a whopping ten Skill Points. This is the perfect mod for those who believe the game takes too long to reward its players.

Zombie Loot Drop Increase Rate

Image: The Fun Pimps

Zombies are in abundance in 7 Days to Die, making them a nuisance to begin with. Even worse, these Zombies don’t offer that much when killing them, rendering them almost pointless. The Zombie Loot Drop Increase fate fixes this issue by making Zombies drop more resources and valuable materials when killed. This makes one of the most reoccurring enemies worth it at the end of the day.

War of the Walkers

Image: The Fun Pimps and Dwallorde

War of the Walkers is a mod designed to give 7 Days to Die a complete overhaul in almost every aspect. New items, a new world, and even a variety of new gameplay mechanics make this mod the perfect choice for players who have exhausted the base game and want something new to enjoy. War of the Walkers executes the improvements phenomenally, and some may even argue that it’s better than the original.


Image: The Fun Pimps

Want to make 7 Days to Die even more scary? Then make sure to download the SMX mod. While its basic idea is to change the UI with a horror aesthetic, it does so well that the feel and vibe of the game feel unique. The main menu, inventory, HUD, inventory, and more are significantly changed to make 7 Days to Die scarier and a top horror game.

Darkness Falls

Image: The Fun Pimps

Maybe you’re one of those players who think 7 Days to Die is too easy. Or, perhaps, you just enjoy punishing yourself to the fullest extent. The Darkness Falls mod aims to make the game way more punishing than before, with deadlier enemies, scarcer resources, and a more brutal combat experience. Arguably one of the most demanding mods for the survival game, this is designed for players who want an incredibly challenging experience.

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