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Best Julie Build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Abilities, Stats, and Attributes

Since Julie’s primary ability is super powerful, we’ve built her Julie with this as the foundation. The result is a build where she can proficiently perform super-fast actions while remaining silent. Here, you’ll find the best Julie build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, including all abilities, stats, and attributes.

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Like the rest of the victims, Julie is a devoted follower of Ana, seeking to uncover the truth behind Maria’s disappearance, which sets the game’s events into motion. Her primary ability, Ultimate Escape, enables her to sprint for an extended period while evading detection from Johnny and Cook’s abilities.

The Best Loadout for Julie in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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As mentioned, this build focuses on making Julie fast, with lots of Endurance. Unlike other characters in TCSM, Julie is a bit more focused on speed and stealth. This means you can sprint away from any family member without the risk of running out of Stamina before they do. In addition, you will do so super-fast when completing objectives without making noises, which is a death sentence.

Best Julie Skill Tree Path in TCSM

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To complete this Julie build, follow the above Skill Tree path to Level 10. However, the three skills needed for this build can be obtained at Level 5 (20 Skill Points), meaning you can start leveling those skills while you gain more SP to raise Julie’s attributes.

Here is the total number of Skill Points you need to obtain the three skills used in this build:

  • Choose Flight: 8 Skill Points
  • Highly Skilled: 9 Skill Points
  • Slippery: 20 Skill points

Best Julie Ultimate Escape Abilities

  • Ultimate EscapeLevel 1: Quicker Recharge Rate
    • Reduces Ultimate Escape’s recharge time to 110 seconds.
  • Ultimate EscapeLevel 2: Decrease Sprint Stamina
    • Running Stamina consumption is reduced by 50% while Ultimate Escape is active.
  • Ultimate Escape – Level 3: Increase Duration
    • Ultimate Escape lasts for 20 seconds.

I found the above Ultimate Escape upgrades provide a good balance of using Julie’s primary ability most effectively. However, there is some wiggle room here, which is up to your playstyle preference. For instance, if you find yourself being chased a lot, you may want to lower Ultimate Escape’s cooldown so you can use it more often.

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Best Julie Perks in TCSM

  • Choose Flight
  • Highly Skilled
  • Slippery

Choose Flight is a fantastic skill that will save you when you are being chased for an extended period or if you mismanage your Stamina meter. In addition, the Slippery perk makes it much easier to evade Family members if you are in a chase since you will gain a burst of speed when using spaces where they can follow you (Sissy and The Hitchhiker, for instance).

While typically, I wouldn’t say I like using Attribute perks, I found that using a Proficiency one is extremely powerful on Julie because it frees you up to dump attribute points into Endurance and Stealth. This turns Julie into a speedster who can run away from the Family while quickly and quietly completing objectives when needed.

Best Julie Attribute Point Allocation

  • 25 Toughness
  • 38 Endurance
  • 15 Strength
  • 43 Proficiency (36+7 from Highly Skilled)
  • 43 Stealth

Note that you only need to level Proficiency to 36 since you will eventually get plus seven to Proficiency once you raise the Highly Skilled perk to Level 3. The combination of Proficiency and Stealth at 43 means you will never reach the Noise meter. Since you will have a meager Strength, you do not want to Grapple with a Family member or break a Generator. You will also be killed quickly if caught, which you shouldn’t since this build turns you into the Road Runner!

Alternative Julie Builds

While the primary build focuses on speed and stealth, Julie can be played in different ways. Here are a couple that some players tend to go for:

  1. Sneaky Julie: Instead of running away, we’re going to focus on avoiding detection with this build. Key perks for this build include:
    • Overlooked: When Grandpa’s Sonar ability is active, you will remain undetected even if you are spotted.
    • Must Have Been the Wind: All noise generated when interacting with crawl spaces or while gathering items will be completely disregarded.
    • Cover Recovery: While Julie is in a hiding spot or in the shadows, her stamina recovery is increased.
  2. Aggressive Julie: This build is not about hiding or running away. It might seem like a weird build, but it can work and it’s fun to try something different:
    • Choose Flight: Fight or flight? Choose Flight. Once depleted, your stamina bar will instantly refill.
    • Intuition: Holding a key item (fuse/valve) highlights the location where it can be used for a while.
    • Agitator: Incapacitating Grandpa has a greater negative effect on the Family.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Steam Deck.

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