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Black Ops 4 How to Get Gold Gun Skins

Aim for the head.

by William Schwartz


Black Ops 4 has a bunch of different customization options when it comes to multiplayer.  There are numerous character skins, and players have the ability to create their own gun skins.  However, if you want to tackle the in-game challenges in Black Ops 4 you can earn some pretty exclusive skins like the Gold, Platinum, and Dark Matter gun skins.

Depending on what weapon you are looking to get a gold gun skin for, the challenges will be different.

How to get Gold Gun Skin

Assault Rifle, SMG, Tactical Rifles, LMG, and Sniper Rifles

  • Get 100 Headshots *for some sniper rifles the objective is 100 one-shot kills
  • Get 10 Longshot Medals
  • Get 50 Kills with No Attachments
  • Get 50 Kills with a scope and 5 attachments
  • Get 2 rapid kills 5 times
  • Get 5 Kills without dying five different times

For the shotgun you will need to get 100 one-hit shotgun kills.

For the launcher you will need to shoot down 100 scorestreaks.

Getting the gold skins is a lot of work but there are some ways to stack the odds in your favor when it comes to getting headshots.  Using the right attachments and perks, as well as playing in good game modes to complete your objective will help you get gold skins faster.  Trying using attachments like the laser sight for better from the hip accuracy which will increase headshots. We’ve found that playing in objective modes like Domination will generally give you higher kill counts and more chances for headshots.

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