Black Ops Cold War – All Field Upgrades

Don't underestimate the Field Mic

by Joshua Garibay

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is bringing back Modern Warfare’s Field Upgrade system. The special equipment slot allows players to equip rechargeable items to assist them during engagements.

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We have collected the full list of available field upgrades available once Create-A-Class opens up at Level 4. Each field upgrade designated below is paired with its level unlock requirement. If no level is listed, the equipment is unlocked by default after Create-A-Class is accessible.

Keep in mind that this information was pulled from the beta and is subject to change. The guide will be updated if Treyarch alters any of this information by or before the full release.

All Field Upgrades

Name Unlock Level Recharge Time Description
Proximity Mine N/A 2:00 Minutes Throwable mine, explodes shortly after an enemy runs or drives over it. Can be avoided by crouching. Destroys any vehicle that runs over it.
Field Mic N/A 3:15 Minutes Deploys a recording device that highlights enemy sounds on your minimap.
Trophy System 15 1:20 Minutes Destroys thrown enemy equipment and launcher missiles within 10 meters.
SAM Turret 18 3:45 Minutes Launches missiles at enemy air scorestreaks and player-piloted helicopters.
Gas Mine 24 2:00 Minutes Proximity activated trap that expels a large cloud of harmful gas. Enemies inside are damaged and disoriented.
Jammer 36 2:30 Minutes Creates an electronic disruption field, disabling enemy Field Upgrades and degrading enemy minimap information.