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Bleeding Edge – How to Evade

Survive longer by avoiding enemy attacks.

by Brandon Adams


Nobody enjoys being chain-stunned by an enemy, so learning how to evade in Bleeding Edge will ensure you stay alive longer. Evading is simple to do, but it can’t be spammed with impunity.

Evade by clicking the right trigger or left Shift key.

Evading in Bleeding Edge can be done easily by tapping either the right trigger or left Shift key. You can use it to either avoid an enemy’s area attack, or to break out of a combo. Doing so does cost a bar stamina, a resource that replenishes over time. Melee characters have three bars at their disposal, while ranged only have two.

If you are knocked on the ground you can evade back up without consuming stamina. Some characters, live Buttercup, do not have a traditional evade, so check their skills sheet to see what the evade button does for them. Others, like ZeroCool, have an additional ability tied to their evade, so learning how it works per character is vital.

If you are low on stamina you need to wait on it to replenish, so don’t spam your evade or use it to chase an enemy unless you are certain it will lead to a killing blow. Parrying uses the same button and requires you stand still, but does not consume stamina. In fact, a successful parry will restore some stamina, but it is infinitely more difficult to pull off. Be smart when evading, and you’ll find yourself winning more fights in Bleeding Edge.

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