Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Guide – Episode 2 Secret Objectives

After beating the first 18 stages of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, you may be surprised to see the credits already starting to roll, especially after only playing for a little while. However, that was only the conclusion of Episode 1, with Episode 2 being unlocked after completing it.

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Episode 2 features a reversal of the first episode, as this time Toadette is out trying to save Captain Toad, who was kidnapped. The levels are completely different and once again we get another 18. Within each of the 18, there is one secret objective per stage that you can only see after beating each level. However, it can get annoying to have to go and replay a stage when you would rather do it in one go. That’s why we have a list of the secret objectives for each stage, allowing you to get all three gems, the secret objective, and the end star all in one try. The following are all of the secret objectives found in Episode 2 of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

1.  Chute Scoot Slopes – Collected the Gold Mushroom!
2.  Stumper Sneakaround – Defeated all the Piranha Creepers!
3.  Mine Cart Sunset Rundown – Collected 140 coins!
4.  Sinister Street Signs – Defeated all of the Mud Troopers!
5.  Floaty Fun Water Park – Defeating all of the Goombas!
6.  Drift-Along Canyon – Didn’t take any damage!
7.  Sliding Slab Shuffle – Cleared course in 4 touches!
8.  Spooky Specters at Shadow Manor – Collected the 1-Up Mushroom!
9.  Draggadon’s Revenge – Didn’t take any damage!
10. Spinwheel Cog Ruins – Found the hidden Gold Mushroom!
11. Windup Stairs – Found the hidden Gold Mushroom!
12. Up ‘n’ Down Terrace – Cleared using switches 3 times!
13. Clear Pipe Puzzleplex – Collected 70 coins!
14. Midnight in the Wandering Woods – Found the hidden Gold Mushroom!
15. Double Cherry Spires – Collected the Gold Mushroom!
16. Bullet Bill’s Touchy Trials – Found the hidden Gold Mushroom!
17. Spinwheel Sky Fort – Didn’t take any damage!
18. Battle Tower Blitz – Collected 170 coins!

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