Crackdown 3 How to Unlock New Agents

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In Crackdown 3 there are plenty of different agents that you can play with, but not all of them are available from the start of the campaign.  Some agents need to be unlocked by finding special collectibles in the game.  Unlocking new agents in Crackdown 3 will give you a new way to play the game as each agent has a unique perk or ability that allows them to earn experience in the game for completing certain actions.  While most people will default to the Jaxon character (Terry Crews) the other characters very well may suit your playstyle better.

To unlock new agents in Crackdown 3 you’re going to want to start exploring the city of New Providence.  While the map will be littered with icons, you’re going to want to look for the DNA icons to unlock new characters in the game.  Using the in-game map you can find different Agent DNA locations.  They look like the highlighted location in the image below:


Once you’ve found a DNA location you’re going to want to make your way to the location on the map.  You can set waypoints to make this easier.  Once you get there you’ll need to look for the glowing circle with a DNA helix in the middle of it.  At that point you can just walk up to the collectible and hold the LB button to pick up the DNA.  As soon as you pick up the DNA you will be able to use this character.

You can change your character’s DNA at any time in Crackdown 3 by heading to a supply point in the game.  Once there head into the agent tab in the Supply Point menu and then select whichever agent you would like to use.

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