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Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – How To Beat The Riding Sections In Crash Landed

Split into two parts.

by Dean James


The latest riding segments in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time comes during the Crash Landed level when Crash or Coco eventually comes across this creature that is like a cross between a dinosaur and a plant or something. Once you approach the creature, you will hop on its back and have to make your way through a dangerous section that is not easy. This is split into two parts too, with the latter coming later in the level.

How To Beat The Riding Sections In Crash Landed

You will have many different obstacles in your way here that are trying to kill you, and that’s on top of the already difficult platforming here outright. Along the way, you have to make sure to avoid pits and nail precise jumps to get across gaps, with you able to press X/A to jump or hold X/A to do a longer jump. Some moments require a more quick jump when you need to do like three in succession, so use them wisely.

There are geysers spitting out flames that you have to avoid as well as giant creatures coming out of the wall that are trying to eat you all throughout the race. There are also other enemies, such as some sort of electrical creature, along the way that you instantly kill you if you touch them, so pretty much the lesson here is avoid everything that isn’t a box or Wumpa Fruit.

This segment also has a way for you to avoid some of these obstacles by heading up top via a wind stream that you’ll see a few times. Get up top and make your life a little easier, though these parts are rather short.

On top of everything else, the ground is very slippery too due to whatever ooze or something is being spilled throughout the level. At the very end, you will actually be going completely off a cliff and have to make your way onto the back of these weird turtle plant things, so just keep landing on the next one and you’ll eventually be done once you hit the ground below.

The second part comes later in the level and is even longer and more difficult. There are pretty much the same obstacles as before, but just a lot more of them and it’s just harder overall.  The fire geysers are more problematic here especially, which means you often have to jump almost all the platform to get around some of them.

There are a couple checkpoints along the way too, so that definitely helps a lot here. The final part has you jumping across platforms in the sky, including the turtle plant things again, which is even harder this time around. This is where the precise short vs. long jump comes into play, so be careful and you will eventually make your way to the end, which happens to be the end of the penultimate stage.

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