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Dauntless How to Upgrade Armor

Collect orbs, currency, and increase you slayer level to upgrade armor.

by William Schwartz


Like weapons, your armor can also be upgraded in Dauntless.  Though instead of heading to the Weaponsmith, where you upgrade your weapons with cores and currency, you’ll need to head to a different vendor.

The vendor you’re looking for in Ramsgate is the Armoursmith, Moyra Heigsketter. Similar to the weaponsmith, the Armoursmith will allow you to upgrade your weapons with a combination of currency and orbs.  There is also some gating on how far you can level your armor.

Collect currency and orbs and then head to the armoursmith

Moyra is located on the right side of the Ramsgate town hub and you can head up the stairs and past the weapons vendor to find her.  Assuming you have created the armor you want to upgrade and have the required crafting materials and have the appropriate level, upgrading your armor is as simple as pressing a button.

The extent to which you can upgrade each armor set is tied to your slayer level.  If you are not a high enough level to complete the upgrade it does not matter whether you have the required orbs and currency or not.

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