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Destiny 2 Crown of Sorrow How to Get Through The First Encounter

Crystals, Witches, Knights, and Ogres. Oh my!

by Alex Levine


Destiny 2’s new Raid, Crown of Sorrow is now available for anyone brave enough to undertake it. If you and your Fireteam are at the appropriate level, and you feel that you have enough bravado to go forth, then proceed to the entrance and you’ll immediately be in the first encounter, which appears to be some sort of Ritual. In order to proceed, you’ll need to eliminate all enemies until the process is complete, however as with previous Raids, it’s not that simple. Here we’ll explain how to get through First Encounter.

Destroy the Crystals!

Large purple crystals will appear in the area and unless you or a teammate destroy them, they will wipe your team. One by one they will spawn, and it’s also important to know that they have quite a bit of health. Once you do destroy one, some people on the team will get a special aura known as Witches Blessing. Those with the buff will be able to attack the Knights and Ogres, who are otherwise immune to normal attacks. However, the buff only lasts for one minute, and you’ll have to continuously refresh it before the timer runs out.

Keeping the Buff Alive

Their is a slightly elevated circle in the middle of the room, and everyone on the team must move to it and begin attacking it. Once the circle is gone, the Witches Blessing automatically rotates to other players. At this point keep killing enemies with the buff until another crustal appears. Once it does, everyone needs to focus their attacks on it. This process will continue until you have destroyed all of the crystals and all of the Knights and Ogres, completing the ritual. If your team has great communication then you should be able to finish this within 10-20 minutes. You will then reap the rewards of the First Encounter and will be able to continue onto the Infiltration.

- This article was updated on:June 5th, 2019

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