Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Get Exotics

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Destiny 2 Forsaken introduces a bunch of new content for the game.  This includes a number of different Exotics that can make you an incredibly powerful guardian.  Some of the new exotics in Destiny 2 Forsaken are easier to come by than others, but almost all of the new items will require that you complete a set of missions, or get lucky in getting one as a random reward.

If you play the main story mission where you’re avenging Cayde-6, you’ll be on your way to the first Exotic Weapon of Destiny 2 Forsaken in Cayde-6’s Ace of Spades Hand Cannon.

This Hand Cannon requires that you perform a number of different activities.

How to get the Ace of Spades Exotic

The Ace of Spades is probably the first exotic in Forsaken that you should set your sights on because of the fact that you’ll be progressing towards earning it by playing the Forsaken story content. The Ace of Spades is Cayde-6’s weapon.

To start the exotic quest you will need Cayde’s Will.  This is an Exotic Quest item.  To begin the quest you will need to have beaten the Forsaken Story Mode where you take down the Scorned Barons.  To start the quest head over to Banshee in the Tower.

After talking to Banshee, you’ll need to head out and find Cayde-6’s secret caches in the EDZ, IO, Nessus, and Tangled Shore areas.

Here is where you can find Cayde’s Secret Caches.

  • EDZ – Firebase Hades
  • IO – Inside the Mines
  • Nessus – Near the Exodus Black
  • Tangled Shore – Southern part of Jetsam of Saturn

The next step for the Ace of Spades will require to complete a story mission.  Once you’ve completed it, head back to Banshess to collect the Ace of Spades Exotic Hand Cannon.

Non-Random Exotics

Like Ace of Spades, these two exotics at least give you a hint of where to look to earn them.  Read on to get these other non-random exotics in Forsaken.

Lord of Wolves – Exotic Shotgun

This Exotic Shotgun is a quest reward.  Players must complete wanted bounties given by the Spider NPC who resides on the Tangled Shore.  It is a random reward that will randomly drop when completing these bounties.

The Chaperone – Exotic Shotgun

Players must complete an Exotic Quest to get The Chaperone.  The Quest drops for players randomly by playing in the Crucible.  The quest is called Holliday Family History.  Users that have gotten the quest say that they were already over level 50.

Once you’ve got the quest, you’ll simply need to earn Shotgun kills in Crucible. You’ll need to reach 100% kills with all elements and then get 15 Guardian kills in Gambit to get The Chaperone.

Random Exotics

These Forsaken Exotics are random drops that can only be earned through luck of the draw or through purchasing the weapons from Xur. 

Cerebus +1 – Exotic Auto Rifle

This exotic Auto Rifle will be earned through random drops in Engrams, Powerful Engrams, random post match rewards or reward chests.

Two Tailed Fox – Exotic Rocket Launcher

This exotic will be earned as a random drop in Exotic Engrams, Powerful Engrams, or random post match rewards.  This Exotic could also be added to Xur’s Inventory.

Trinity Ghoul – Combat Bow

Black Talon – Sword

The Queenbreaker – Linear Fusion Rifle

Malfeasance – Hand Cannon

PlayStation Exclusive Exotics

Wavesplitter – Exotic Trace Rifle

PlayStation Exclusive Exotic weapon.

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