Destiny 2 – Imperial Treasure Map – Maevic Square in EDZ Location

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After completing weekly bounties from Werner 99-40 the items will turn into treasure maps that hold rewards of Imperials, Runes, and equipment.  These treasures are hidden all over the galaxy and one of them is located in the European Dead Zone at Maevic Square.  For those that aren’t familiar with the area, it’s in the east end of the EDZ, accessible by traveling through the war-torn area.

Land at Trostland and head east to get to Maevic Square

The fastest way to the Maevic Square hidden treasure is by landing at the Trostland Landing Zone.  This should be a familiar area as it has a church where you’ve probably had plenty of encounters with the NPC Devrim Kay.  If you head out of the church heading east you will see a pathway leading away and then through some bombed out buildings.  This is the way that you need to go to get to Maevic Square.

Once you make your way through the buildings you’ll come to an opening to Maevic Square.  Your first look at the area you should be able to see the treasure chest on a ledge to the right as it will be shining brightly.  The image above is what you should see when you first enter Maevic Square.

This treasure will contain equipment, Imperials, and Runes for you to slot into the Chalice of Opulence.

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