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Elden Ring FP Helmet: Where to Find Glintstone Scarab

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Casting the best spells in Elden Ring will cost you a lot of FP. This can make killing a boss quickly with magic quite difficult as you will have to stop damaging the boss to drink your flask. However, there is a helmet that can help with this and it only makes you look a little silly. By wearing this Glintston Scarab on your head you will have the cost of your spells lowered. Pair this with increased spell speed and the staff that increases spell damage and spell cost, and you will be killing bosses with ease. Let’s go over where you can get your own fashionable scarab in Elden Ring.

Where to Find the Glintstone Scarab Helmet in Elden Ring

Just like our good friend Thops, you will want to get into the Academy of Raya Lucaria. You will need to clear through most of the academy before you can find this helmet. Once you reach the second courtyard area, after the Red Wolf of Radagon fight, you will want to go to the courtyard where you fight the Moongrum Carian Knight. if you take the south doorway out of this courtyard and turn immediately left you should see an enemy to kill and a ledge you can walk on.


Walk on this ledge to get to the alcove ahead of you. Climb up the ladder to the upper floor, do be careful as a sorcerer will be behind you when you get to the top of the ladder. Take the doorway out of this room to run into the two sorcerers that were summoning the huge metal spheres to crush you, kill them and the Mad Pumpkinhead in this room. This will stop the metal spheres from spawning.

You should see the chest of the opposite side of the room from where you came in. Just open it up and don your fashionable scarab. This scarab might not look as cool as Malenia’s armor or the full Dung Eater set. But the 15% FP cost reduction to spells is great for any magic-user. If you pair it with Azur’s Glintstone Staff, you will be using the normal amount of FP but do a lot more damage. If you need any more help with Elden Ring make sure to check out our other guides.

Elden Ring is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and PC.


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