Evil Dead – How to Turn Off Crossplay

Crossplay can be a good and a bad thing.

by Chris Park


Evil Dead allows players across all platforms to play together.   By default the game’s cross play setting is enabled, but if you would rather not play with players from other platforms you can choose to disable this option.  In this quick guide we’ll explain where you can find the cross play setting and how to turn it off in the game.

How to Turn Off Cross Play in Evil Dead

Cross play functionality is on by default in Evil Dead The Game.  So in order to turn it off you need to head into the settings menu to do so. The settings menu can be accessed from the main title screen in the game.


The Crossplay setting is located in the Settings menu under the Game section of that menu.  Within that subsection of the menu the first option will be to turn off cross play.  To turn off this setting simply highlight and then press corresponding button for your platform to make sure that you save the setting.  If you accidentally don’t save the setting and try to back out of the menu before doing so you will be greeted with a prompt that says your setting will not be saved so make sure to press the corresponding button to do so… either Y or Triangle for Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

After turning crossplay off when looking for a match you will be able to see that this has been disabled in the bottom left hand side of the Survivor vs. Player menu it will say that Crossplay is either enabled or disabled.  Of course, if you turn off crossplay in Evil Dead your player pool will potentially be much smaller than if you leave it on.  But it’s understandable that some people don’t like playing crossplay especially against PC players.

And that’s all you need to know about disabling crossplay in Evil Dead.  The game launched on May 13, 2022 on PlayStation, Xbox and PC with a Nintendo Switch version coming soon..

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