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Fallout 76 How to Get Silver

You've got options when it comes to hunting for silver.

by William Schwartz


Silver is another one of those minerals in Fallout 76 that you’re going to need a lot of if you plan on doing heavy crafting and modifications for weapons.  This rare metal/mineral can be found in a number of different items in Fallout 76 and will be used to craft sights and scopes for weapons, as well as Energy Weapon Mods.  Like Gold and Copper, Silver can also be mined directly from veins and deposits found around the world, alongside be broken down from junk items.

It also has the same characteristics as the other metals as in that silver scraps are different from silver ore.  You’ll need to smelt the raw silver ore into silver scraps before using it in these mods.  Silver that you find in junk will be turned into silver scraps.

The list below are all of the items that have Silver in them in Fallout 76.

Junk Items in Fallout 76 that have Silver

  • Assaultron Circuit Board
  • Enhanced Targeting Card
  • Fancy Hairbrush
  • Flute
  • Gold Table Spoon
  • Grey & Gould Pocket Watch
  • Metal Beer Stein
  • Silver Bowl
  • Silver Fork
  • Silver Locket
  • Silver Ore
  • Silver Plate
  • Silver Pocket Watch
  • Silver Scrap
  • Silver Table Knife
  • Silver Table Spoon

For those that don’t want to go out searching for Silver in every nook and cranny of the map, you can go to Workshop Locations and scavenge directly from deposits to get a little bit of the metal.  If you want more of it, you can claim the workshop and then set up an extractor to get a ton of silver if you want.  Here’s how to claim a workshop in Fallout 76. 

The following Workshop locations all have Silver Deposits:  Tyler County Dirt Track, Wade Airport, Lakeside Cabin, Converted Munitions Depot, and the Abandoned Bog Town.

Not sure how to get to these locations.  These maps of Workshop locations will show you the way. 

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