Final Fantasy 7 Remake – How To Beat Leviathan

The third VR combat simulator summon.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake uses an interesting method of introducing a number of the summons in the game in a way not seen before. This is through Chadley’s VR Combat Simulator, which adds additional summons as you complete more Battle Intel. By defeating these summons in the Combat Simulator, you receive their Summon Materia and can use them anywhere else in the game that a summon could be used. Eventually, you will gain access to the water-based serpent Leviathan and this guide will help with tips on how to beat him.

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How To Beat Leviathan

Before going into the fight, there is some preparations you can make that can help you. As you would imagine, Leviathan is weak to Thunder-based attacks due to its water type, so you will want to use the Elemental Materia you have to infuse Thunder into any weapon for the party members you are using, especially Cloud and Barret. In addition, have Thunder equipped on every character, with your strongest magic user at the time definitely having access to Thundaga.

Once the battle starts, you want to go right in with Cloud and start hacking away with your lighting infused weapon. This should help you to deal damage, with the only problem being how slippery Leviathan can be. Leviathan will move around a lot, so you have to stay on top of things as you’re attacking. Feel free to have your other characters using Thundaga or Thundara when their ATB gauges will up and keep hacking away at Leviathan.

Most of Leviathan’s attacks won’t be too bad and are ones you can handle, whether you are up close or afar like Barret. However, the one you absolutely have to watch out for is when Leviathan starts to prep its Tidal Wave attack that you cannot avoid. This is the time you absolutely have to heal up everyone as high as you can so they can stay alive. Once everyone has survive this attack, move back in and keep attacking.

You can technically also use Barret from afar if you’d rather fight this entire battle at range. Just make sure he has the Elemental Materia with Thunder attached for that extra damage boost and keep attacking. This won’t protect you from Tidal Wave though, so be careful with that too.