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Final Fantasy 7 Remake – What Do the Attributes Do, What Are the Attributes

Each will change how a character plays in dramatic ways.

by Brandon Adams


Long time fans returning to Midgar in Final Fantasy VII Remake likely know what the various attributes in the game do, but the title doesn’t clearly describe them for newer players. Knowing what attributes to focus on, and what materia to equip can be the difference between a swift victory and a sudden defeat, so it’s good to know what each does.

There are ten total attributes in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Each of the ten attributes in Final Fantasy VII Remake are found on both equipment and materia. Different pieces of equipment with either raise or lower these ten stats, and specific materia can be equipped to bolster a specific attribute. You can even increase attributes via weapon upgrades, but those on offer will be determined by the weapon.

The ten attributes are thus:

  • Attack Power: Determines physical damage dealt by weapons. Modified by weapon and strength values.
  • Magic Attack Power: Determines magic damage dealt by spells and abilities. Modified by weapon and magic values.
  • Defense: Determines physical damage taken. Modified by armor and vitality values.
  • Magic Defense: Determines magic damage taken. Modified by armor and spirit values.
  • Strength: The higher the value, the stronger your attack power.
  • Magic: The higher the value, the stronger your magic attack power.
  • Vitality: The higher the value, the stronger your physical defense.
  • Spirit: The higher the value, the stronger your magical defense.
  • Luck: The higher the value, the better your chances of dealing a critical hit or successfully stealing from enemies.
  • Speed: The higher the value, the faster your ATB gauge charges.

These can be reviewed at any time from the Materia and Equipment menu. Changing your weapon, upgrading it, altering your loadout, and leveling will all alter these stats. If you have specific build you want a certain character to fill then this stat-sheet will show you where they are excelling, and where they fall short.

The nice thing about changing equipment is the attribute changes can be previewed in this same UI, with upgrades colored blue and downgrades red. In a shop it will be slightly different: on the bottom right will be a condensed stat-sheet for each character of the six basic attributes, and you’ll be able to see at a glance what the numerical changes will be for each character who equips that item.

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