Final Fantasy VII Remake – How Long Is The Game?

Far from short.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

The long awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally upon with a new take on the PlayStation classic. Rather than telling the original story all in one game, Square Enix decided to take a different approach this time around by splitting it up into multiple games. Specifically, the first game is focused on Midgar, which was a small portion of the original. This has had many people wondering how long Final Fantasy VII Remake would indeed me and we now have that answer.

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How Long Is The Game?

Final Fantasy VII Remake takes place entirely within Midgar itself, from the bombing run up until the ending we won’t talk about at this time. Looking back at the original, the Midgar portion of the game was less than 10 hours or so depending on your speed of play. You could even complete it a good bit faster if you were really pushing along.

There was no way that Final Fantasy VII Remake could be anywhere near that short though, as that would greatly disappoint fans. Instead, Square Enix greatly expanded upon the city of Midgar and its different locations and we can report the length certainly won’t be disappointing people.

On average, Final Fantasy VII Remake should take players anywhere from 35-45 hours to complete. The lower end would be if you are skipping most sidequests, with there being doubt speedrunners will find a way to get that lower in the future. For the typical gamer that is playing through and doing most of the things they can on a first playthrough though, it will be somewhere in the 35-45 hour range.

When I finally hit credits in the game, I was sitting right at about 45 hours of playtime. That consisted of completing all available side quests in the game while playing, along with some wandering around to just bask in the glory of the game itself. There were also a few times where boss fights took awhile due to not having the right Materia equipped to help speed it up.

This is only the length of the main game we’re talking about too, as you also have a Hard Mode to conquer after the fact, along with some additional collectibles and Combat Simulator battles. With these, you can add many more hours to the total if you are a true completionist.