Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Beat Tonberry

The infamous Tonberry returns.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Some enemies are staples across the Final Fantasy franchise that you’ll see repeatedly, with one of the most infamous of them being the Tonberry. From the entire Tonberry filled cave in Final Fantasy VIII to its many other appearances, Tonberries are the definition of an unassuming deadly creature. The little green guy in a monk’s robe holding a lantern and a small knife in comparison to other weapons may seem like nothing, but he is in fact one of the most deadly creatures in all of Final Fantasy VII Remake with his one hit kills. There is a strategy you can use to help defeat him though and this guide will explain it.

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How To Beat Tonberry

Final Fantasy VII Remake has two separate opportunities for you to face a Tonberry, the first being the Malicious Goons sidequest in Chapter 14 and then as part of the Combat Simulator’s Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend’s second round on Hard Mode. The strategy mostly will be the same for the two of these, though there is a stipulation on the second one due to it being on Hard Mode.

The first time around against Tonberry will come with you having a party of Cloud, Tifa, and Barret. This allows you to have Cloud and Tifa up close, with Barret on the outside. Tonberry does have a lot of health, but also takes damage pretty well, even if he will not get staggered by your regular attacks. The key here is to just overpower him by constantly attacking and mixing in abilities like Triple Slash for Cloud or Starshower for Tifa depend on who you’re using.

Where the trouble comes into play though is how Tonberry can one his kill you via his Chef’s Knife attack and also one in projectile form too. Typically these are his only moves outside or ones that freeze either one character or all three characters in place. That means if you see an icon for him about to do an attack, watch out. His one hit kill moves are very difficult to avoid, so your best plan here is to attack, attack, attack, and then be prepared to revive them when they die by one of your other two characters, with Barret on the outside being a good option.

This strategy changes a bit in the Combat Simulator version, as it has to be done on Hard Mode and that means no items at all. This means if your character with the Revival Materia is killed, it’s probably going to be game over. As a result, the best strategy here is to go into the fight with Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith. Give Aerith the Revival Materia and has her keep the same role as Barret on the outside. Focus on the Tonberry with Cloud or Tifa, whoever you want to use and unleash the same abilities above that are quick and deal damage in rapid succession. The Tonberry should kill your chosen character instead of the others, so make sure to revive them quickly with Aerith and keep going again. Rinse and repeat this strategy and the Tonberry should die eventually.