Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Get Shiva Summon Materia

Things are about to get a little icy.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Summons play a very important role in Final Fantasy VII Remake, as they can be absolute game changers in battle for you. The first summon you will obtain in the game is Ifrit via story progression, but additional summons have to be earned. One of those summons that you have to earn in the game is that of Shiva and this guide will break down just how you can get her.

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How To Get Shiva Summon

There have been so many different summons over the years, but there are a few staples that are always around. Shiva is definitely one of those as the ice based summon that you can acquire in the first half of the game.

Specifically, you will first have the chance to acquire Shiva starting in Chapter 8, when Chadley informs you of his new VR Combat Simulator. This allows Cloud to put on a VR headset and go up against a powerful summon, with Shiva being the first. There are more you can get down the line, but Shiva is the only one you can tackle at this point.

As you can assume based on the ice type moves, Shiva’s weakness is definitely going to be Fire. This means you are going to want to try and utilize as much Fire as you can between Cloud and Aerith, or whoever you have in your party if you don’t do this until later in the game.

Another major key to victory here is to utilize one of your other summons, Ifrit. Ifrit is the classic fire based summon, so he will be able to do massive damage to Shiva, especially if you’re using his special summon abilities.

Try to dodge Shiva’s strongest attacks and keep attacking her with Cloud and using Fire spells from Aerith especially. Hopefully you have higher level Fire spells at this point, as Fira can be a big help. Firaga probably isn’t worth the cost or time to cast at this point, so I’d stick with Fira at the most here.

Eventually, you’ll take Shiva down and be rewarded with the Shiva summon Materia from Chadley as soon as you are done.