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Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Get The ??? Song In Wall Market Karaoke Bar

One of the trickiest music tracks to acquire.

by Dean James


There are a few different collectibles to be find in Final Fantasy VII Remake, with the song tracks being one of the coolest. Throughout the game, you will come across 31 different music tracks that make up the music collection in the game. These are obtained in some different ways, such as buying them from vending machines or just being given them. Most of these are pretty straight forward and are not too hard to find if you are paying attention while playing. There are a few tricky ones though, with one in particular coming in your first visit to Wall Market that can be a bit confusing.

How To Get The ??? Song In Wall Market Karaoke Bar

Wall Market has a lot of different places for you to explore and check out, wit the town being a vibrant town unlike anything else in the game. In this time, you will find a bar that you can enter with karaoke going on. One of the sidequests will bring you to this bar too, so you’ll definitely end up in it if you’re doing the sidequests.

Almost right after you enter the bar, you will see a ??? up on the screen that indicates that you have a music track nearby that you can acquire. This one is really easy though, as all you have to do is talk to the guy that is singing on stage and he will give you the music track “The Midgar Blues,” which he says is his own song.

That would be way too easy and this guide wouldn’t have much point, but that’s not the song we are referring to. If you walk more around the bar and start to get near the kitchen area, you will notice a new music track starts playing and the ??? icon shows up yet again. You might think that you could get this from one of the guys in the kitchen or the people nearby, but you will keep coming up short.

The reason for this is that while you can hear the song in that part of the bar, the song itself is not actually located in the bar. Instead, it’s located directly on the other side of that back wall of the kitchen. You can’t just go out a back door either, so go back outside and make your way through the streets to get to the area behind the bar by using your map.


Once you get to the area behind the bar, you will see a jukebox standing alone outside against the wall. Interact with the jukebox and you will receive the music track “Under the Rotting Pizza.”

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