Final Fantasy VII Remake – How To Unlock Hard Mode

A step up in difficulty.

by Dean James
Final Fantasy VII Remake

Classic RPGs rarely had different difficulty levels to choose from, instead offering just a balanced difficulty all around. That has changed a bit in more recent years, with the addition of difficulty levels to many different games in the game, with Final Fantasy VII Remake being one of them. Even though it was not a choice in the original, Final Fantasy VII Remake offers multiple difficulties, including a Hard Mode that isn’t available at the start.

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How To Unlock Hard Mode

When first starting up Final Fantasy VII Remake, you have three difficulties to choose from. The default main difficulty is Normal, while you also have Easy and even the more traditional style Classic mode. Classic is more of a style change in how you play, but still classified as a difficulty.

Those are not the only three difficulty options in the game though, as you can later unlock Hard Mode as well. To access Hard Mode in Final Fantasy VII Remake, all you have to do is beat the game.

Once you complete the game, you will unlock Hard Mode that can then be used in tandem with the game’s chapter selection feature if you want. Not only can you just select Hard Mode from the start, but you can pick any of the chapters and try Hard Mode from there.

Hard Mode brings with it a major difficulty spike, as you cannot use items at all and MP does not recover at rest stops. It isn’t just a new difficulty level and that’s all though, with exclusive collectibles in the form of additional Manuscripts that can only be found in Hard Mode. This means you’ll have to go back through and beat the game all over again in Hard Mode if you want to get every collectible and power up for your weapons in the game as a result.