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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Where To Find The Three Runaway Chocobo

Spread out across the map.

by Dean James


The Final Fantasy series has a number of different iconic creatures throughout, but it’s hard to argue any are more memorable than Chocobo. These yellow birds have been around forever and are once again a means of fast travel for you in Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, Sam has three of his that have runaway in Chapter 14 that you will have to search all over for and this guide will tell you where you can find them.

Where To Find The Three Runaway Chocobo

Like with the Kids on Patrol sidequest in Chapter 8, you are given some hints to where you can find the three Runaway Chocobo here, this time courtesy of Sam. The only thing here though is that these are spread across multiple areas, so you’re going to have to do a lot more exploring to find these.


The first clue says “someone said they heard a Chocobo warking in one of them Sector 5 back alleys.” You may start searching in the different alleys in the main part of the Sector 5 Slums, but instead you want to be heading northeast out of Sector 5 and take the path beyond the graveyard area. Keep following it and you’ll eventually come across a Chocobo. However, when you try to interact with it, a Rust Drake will appear that you have to defeat first before you can set down a Gysahl Green and get the Chocobo to return to Sam.


Next up is the second Chocobo, which Sam tells you “heard there’s a Chocobo out by the collapsed expressway.” This one is pretty obvious on where to go, so head to the collapsed expressway. What you want to do here is go through this path and fight all of the enemies in your way. Thankfully, you won’t have to redo the puzzles like before, so you should be able to cruise through here. Eventually you’ll hear a “Kweh kweh” and that’s when you know a Chocobo is nearby. Look around and you shouldn’t have much trouble finding it. You’ll have to defeat a trio of Trypapolis first, but then you can feed it a Gysahl Green and it will return to Sam and it’s ready to look for number three.


Lastly the last Chocobo hint states “a Chocobo was spotted near the old church.” This means you want to actually go to where the first Chobobo was and keep following the path until you run across Johnny. Keep going and you’ll eventually start getting close to the church that Cloud fell in and had the showdown with Reno previously. Unlike the other two though, there is no fight before you can give this Chocobo a Gysahl Green and finish up the quest.

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