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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Where To Use Moogle Medals

Get exclusive items only found at this vendor.

by Dean James


There was no way Final Fantasy VII Remake couldn’t have some sort of implementation of the Moogle, one of the most iconic creatures in the series. Very early on in the game, you should notice an item you will start picking up at times known as a Moogle Medal. This collectible is not just something to add to your inventory, but also had a very useful purpose that comes to fruition fairly early in the game.

Where To Use Moogle Medals

Soon after you are truly introduced to Aerith and make your way to the Sector 5 Slums in Chapter 8, you will have another batch of six sidequests to complete. However, there are also some story missions you must complete along the way to gain access to all of them. One of these is the “Danger in the Hideout” quest that you must complete.

The goal of this quest is to save a couple kids, which will then bring you back to the entrance of the hideout where you’ll be introduced to Moggie, the Moogle superfan that is also a Moogle Merchant.

Speak with him first and he will get you to purchase the Moogle Membership Card for 1 Moogle Medal. After that, he will then give you access to the Moogle Emporium shop. This shop has a number of items, but instead of using gil to purchase them, you must exchange Moogle Medals instead. The cost of items varies, with the most expensive tending to be the manuscripts.

The items available at the start from the Moogle Emporium is fairly limited, as there are more items that will pop up in there later. One item in particular is the Moogle Mortar, which is something you can get for 1 Moogle Medal and is required for one of the sidequests. It’s also a good idea on your first trip to definitely pick up the Graveyard Key, as that is necessary for a sidequest in Chapter 3 as well.

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