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Fortbyte #13 Location “Found at Location Hidden Within Loading Screen #2”

You're heading to a desert toilet for this Fortbyte.

by William Schwartz


Fortbyte #13 is tied to a loading screen for Fortnite Season 9 that hasn’t released yet.  But that hasn’t stopped people from finding said location on the Fortnite map.  Actually, loading screen #2 has been data mined from the game and the location of Fortbyte #13 has been discovered ahead of schedule.

This Fortbyte is another one of the easier ones to get, and with this guide you can drop in with any character skin to pick up the puzzle piece.  Here’s where to find Fortbyte #13.

You’re going to want to head towards the desert biome to find Fortbyte #1.  It’s located in the I9 Quadrant of the map, inside a port-a-potty.  Just use the map below to find the exact location that you need to drop into.  If you head south of Paradise Palms you’ll find the porta-potty on a hill next to a large rock formation and giant dinosaur statue.


You’ll know you’re in the right spot because the item will make noise while you are near it.  Once you approach it you will be given the option to pick up the Fortbyte by following the prompt on screen to collect it.  Hold the button to collect the Fortbyte and when you head back to the Challenges Tab in the game you’ll find that another puzzle piece has been removed from the mysterious image.

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