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Fortnite Challenges – Visit an Oversized Phone, a Big Piano, and a Giant Dancing Fish

Use this map to find these large items.

by William Schwartz

One of the Season 9 Week 2 Challenges in Fortnite requires that you visit three different locations on the map to complete. This week you’ll need to track down an oversized phone, a big piano, and a giant dancing fish. The challenge in Fortnite can be completed pretty quickly if you know where to go. This guide will exactly how you can complete the challenge that has you looking for the giant items.

Where is the Oversized Phone?

We’ll start by looking for the Oversized Phone. There are multiple phones on the Fortnite map that can help you complete this challenge.  You can either head directly east of the Block at quadrarnt E2, or you can head directly west of Fatal Fields in quadrant F9.

Where is the Big Piano in Fortnite?

Next item we’ll be looking for this the Big Piano to complete this challenge.   This giant piano can be found east of Lonely Lodge.  You can find it in the J5 quadrant on the map, right on the edge of the cliff by the water.  It’s pretty hard to miss if you’re trying to land there.  To complete this part of the challenge you just need to go by the piano.

If you’ve never seen the giant piano in Fortnite, you can interact with this object if you walk on it it will play the corresponding music notes.

With two of these objectives completed, it’s on to the final object.

Where to find the giant dancing fish

The giant fish looks like it fell out of the sky and landed on a house in Fortnite.  You’ll find this oversized dancing fish sticking out of the roof of one of the houses just south of the Mega Mall.  Just use the map below and look for the two buildings slightly southwest of the Mega Mall.  It should be pretty easy to spot the giant fish tail sticking out of the house.  Simply land here to complete this leg of the challenge.

Oversized Phone, Big Piano, Giant Dancing Fish Map

Putting it all together you can probably visit the three locations in one match if you get the right circle.  Otherwise, you’ll need to re-launch a match to complete the challenge.  You can do this in as many tries as it takes, and there is no specific order that you need to to go in to complete the Visit an Oversized Phone, a Big Piano, and a Giant Dancing Fish Fortnite challenge for Season 9 Week 2.

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