Fortnite Dance or Emote at the Basketball Court in Downtown Drop

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The latest Downtown Drop challenge asks players to dance or emote at the Basketball Court.  From the description of the challenge, you’re basically just going to need to find the basketball court in the map as everyone has access to emotes and dances (if just your defaults).  The reward for completing this challenge is the Epic Disco Back Board.

The basketball court is located at the end of the first straight street

The basketball court in downtown drop can be found on the first straightaway at the beginning of the map.  Simply slide down the left side of the street and when you get to the bottom of the first street just go left instead of going right.  When you do you will find a door that leads to the basketball court.  Go inside this door and then use the emote or dance option of your choosing and you will complete this challenge instantly.

Once you’ve completed this challenge and back out to the main menu you will have the Disco Back Board item added to your inventory.  Challenges are being issued daily in Downtown Drop, giving players a chance at exclusive loot which has mainly consisted of sprays and various back boards. These items will only be available during the Downtown Drop event, which ends in a little over five days.  There are thirteen challenges in all.  Some have you doing things like landing tricks, jumping through hoops, finding specific items or finding shortcuts on the map.

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