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Fortnite Fortbyte #16 – Found in a Desert House With Too Many Chairs

Head south of Paradise Palms for this one.

by William Schwartz


The Fortbyte #16 challenge in Fortnite Season 9 has players tracking down another piece of the puzzle by looking for a ‘house with too many chairs.’  This Fortbyte challenge does not have any prerequisites so you basically just need to head out and find the house with too many chairs and collect the item.  If you’re not sure where to begin looking for this item this guide is here to help complete this challenge quickly.

The House with too many chairs in the clue is located in the desert region of the map.  You’re going to want to head south of Paradise Palms, right near the edge of the map.  The house you’re looking for will have chairs visibly stuck in the entry ways so that you’ll need to break them to get inside.  Just use the map below and head to this exact spot to pick up Fortbyte 16.

Fortbyte 16 Map Location


Help with Locations of other Fortbytes

Once you’ve got Fortbyte 16 you can head back to the Season 9 challenges tab and head to the Fortbytes section if you want to see which piece of the puzzle this revealed.  There are quite a few Fortbytes currently available to unlock in Season 9, some you can pick up quickly like Fortbyte 16, while others take a little longer or have other requirements to collect.  If you’re needing assistance in finding all the Fortbytes in Fortnite Season, check out this guide for all Fortbyte Locations.

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