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Fortnite Fortbyte #17 Location – Inside of a Wooden Fish Building

Find the big wooden fish in the hot springs.

by William Schwartz


Fortbyte #17 asks players to look inside of a wooden fish building to find it.  Easy enough if you know where to look for the wooden fish building.  If not, you can use this guide to quickly find the wooden fish building in Fortnite.

The Wooden Fish Building in Fortnite is located on the Northeast side of the map.  North of the Pressure Plant and East of Lazy Lagoon you will find four different hot spring pools.  In one of the pools you will find a massive wooden fish structure.  Simply land at the wooden fish and then look in the fish’s tail to collect Fortbyte #17.

Fortbyte #17 Map Location


There are no other requirements to collecting Fortbyte #17 other than being able to find it.  Simply head to the fish’s tail and then collect the Fortbyte once you’ve found it.  Once you’ve collected the item another piece of the mysterious Fortbyte puzzle found in the challenges tab will be revealed.

Complete List of Fortbyte Locations

Are you trying to track down other hidden Fortbytes in Fortnite?  We’ve compiled a list of all of the hidden items in the game.  You can use our Fortbyte Locations Guide to help you reveal the big picture by collecting them all.

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