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Fortnite Fortbyte #55 Location – Found Within Haunted Hills

Fortbyte 55 is located in a small house in Haunted Hills.

by William Schwartz


Another Fortbyte puzzle piece (Fortbyte #55) has been added to Fortnite for players to find.  This time, the only clue is that you the Fortbyte is found within Haunted Hills.  If you’re not sure where to find Fortbyte #55 this guide will show you exactly where to go to pick up the item and add another piece to the Fortbyte mystery puzzle.

Fortbyte #55 is located in the small town west of the big hill in the Haunted Hills area.  More specifically, you’re going to want to look in a small house on the north east side of this small area.  You can use the map below to find exactly where you need to go to pick up Fortbyte #55.  There aren’t any other requirements to pick up Fortbyte 55 other than just finding it.  If you need more help in finding Fortbyte 55 you can head to the B2 quadrant on the map.  When you are close to the item it will start making a sound.  Since there are no other requirements to picking it up, you will simply walk up to it and interact with it.


Once you interact and collect Fortbyte 55 you will be able to see this piece of the puzzle in the Challenges > Fortbytes section of the main menu.

Need help finding all the Fortbytes in Fortnite?

During Season 9 in Fortnite there will be 100 collectible Fortbytes that will reveal a mysterious image.  We’ve compiled a list of all of the Fortbytes in the game in our Fortbyte Challenges Guide. 

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