Fortnite Fortbyte #77 Location – Found Within a Track Side Taco Shop

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Fortbyte #77 has been added to the Fortnite map, and this item can be picked up without any requirements if you can find the track side taco shop.  The clue for Fortbyte #77 says that players need to look inside the trackside taco shop.  The track that you are going to be looking for is the one in the desert area of the game.  If you look on the map in the desert area you can easily identify the track area, so the taco shop is close by.

Fortbyte #77 is located at the Taco Shop in the Desert


The Taco Shop is located in the desert, west of the track.  Just use the map above to find the location.  Once you’re there, it’s pretty easy to find the Fortbyte you are looking for as the Taco Shop is fairly small.  Once you’ve picked up Fortbyte #77 you can head back into the Season 9 Challenges List and check out which piece of the Fortbyte puzzle that Fortbyte#77 reveals.

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