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Fortnite – How to Destroy a Loot Carrier

Look for gold names on the map to find loot carriers.

by William Schwartz


Loot carriers are a relatively new item in Fortnite.  These drones are found on the Fortnite map in different locations each match and one of the Season 9 Challenges requires that you shoot them in three different matches.  This guide will explain what loot carriers are and where to find them so that you can complete the challenge.

Loot Carriers are actually loot crates that are attached to drones and they look like the image above.  You’ll find them buzzing around the Fortnite map, but they are located in different places each match that you play.

The easiest way to find Loot Carriers in Fortnite is to simply look at the map.  These drones will swarm to specific named locations on the map and they will make the normally white text on the map turn into gold text.  See the map below to tell the difference between a normal named area and one that will be guaranteed to have loot carriers.


Once you land you will a number of loot carriers in this area.  All you need to do once you see one is to shoot it or hit it with your melee weapon to chip away at this challenge.

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