Fortnite How to Find Jonesy Behind a Fence – Downtown Drop

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The Downtown Drop Event is going on in Fortnite and it’s giving players the opportunity to complete challenges for unique loot.  One of said challenges is to find Jonesy behind a fence in Downtown Drop.  Since it’s not entirely clear where to find the character, you can use this guide and video to find exactly where you need to go.

There is actually more than one Jonesy on the Downtown Drop map.  But the easiest one to find is tucked away in an alleyway around midway through the course.  At this location you’ll find Jonesy, as asked, behind a fence and you’ll have ample time to slow down to see him.   You’re actually looking for what appears to be a cardboard cutout of the character.  You’re going to want to keep to the left side of the map to make sure that you find the area where the Jonesy cut-out is because if you miss it you’ll have to try and get it on your second or third lap around the Downtown Drop.

Look for a wooden fence on the third straightaway

You can use the video below for a more accurate location for the item, but after the first straightaway you’ll take a right on Downtown Drop.  Then you’ll go down another long straightaway and take yet another right.  However, after this second long straight street you’re going to want to position yourself on the left side of the street.  On this third straight street about halfway down you’ll see a wooden fence that will lead you to Jonesy.  If you hit it right the fence will stop you from going further down the street and re-direct you down an alley.  At the end of this alley is a green Jonesy cardboard cut-out.

If you’re still having trouble finding Jonesy in downtown drop, the video below should help you find it quickly.

How to find Jonesy in Downtown Drop

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