Fortnite How to Find Jonesy in the Sewer – Downtown Drop

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The Downtown Drop event in Fortnite is doling out new challenges every day and a new set of challenges has players looking for Jonesy (again).  This time players are looking to find the cardboard cutout of the Fortnite default skin.  Players are going to need to look in the sewers this time though.

There are numerous Jonesy cut-outs across the Downtown Drop map, but this one can be pretty easy to find because if you take the right path you are guaranteed to find him.  What you’re going to want to do is head for the path that takes you into the sewers.  This path is the one in the image below and it’s accessible right before the last straightaway in Downtown Drop.


This path is actually one where you’ll hit multiple levels and bypass some of the Downtown Drop map.  Once you enter this passage just go straight, you’ll drop down a couple of times and hit some boost pads but the path is pretty straight forward.  Just before you get to the a set of jump pads which will send you back up to the surface, you’ll get a glimpse of Jonesy in the sewer behind some bars.


So long as you take that path in the image above, you should have no problem finding Jonesy in the sewers.  Actually, you’ll breeze right past him and you’ll see that the challenge has been completed.  The Downtown Drop reward for finding Jonesy in the sewer is a the G.O.A.T. spray, which is an uncommon spray and a unique twist on the Fortnite Llama.

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