Fortnite How to Use Treasure Maps

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One of the newest items in Fortnite is the treasure chest.  This item allows players to hunt down buried treasure on the map, which will lead to a bounty of powerful weapons and equipment.  So how do you get treasures maps and what should you do with it once you have one?  This guide will explain how to use the treasure maps in Fortnite.

Where to Get Treasure Map Fortnite

Treasure Maps can spawn as loot in Fortnite just like any other item.  They can spawn in chests or on the ground.  However, treasure chests are a more rare item that you’re not going to encounter as regularly as others.  Once you’ve found a treasure map, you’re going to want to hold it in your hands.  Once you’re using the item it will lead you to the treasure if you follow the dotted lines that appear.

Once you get close to the treasure a couple of different markers will appear to let you know that you’re close.  You’ll see a big X on the ground where the treasure is located though.  Just use your pickaxe to dig up the treasure and a big chest will rise from the ground.  Inside the chest you will find a number of powerful weapons and items.

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