Fortnite Jump Through All 6 Flaming Hoops in Downtown Drop

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Fortnite’s Downtown Drop LTM has issued another challenge to players that allow them unlock a unique cosmetic item up completing it.  This challenge requires players to jump through all six hoops on the map.  Some are straight forward, while some will require a little bit more skill to complete.  This guide will explain how to jump through all six hoops to complete the challenge and unlock your reward.

Fortnite Hoop #1 Downtown Drop


The first hoop in Downtown Drop is on the first straight away.  This one is fairly easy to jump through.  Simply follow the path straight down to the bottom of the first straightaway and hit the ramp to jump through the first hoop.  The only way this one will be hard is if you get bumped by another player and lose momentum.

Fortnite Hoop #2 Downtown Drop


The second hoop that you need to jump through is found on the second straightaway.  This one can be a little tricky because you need to make multiple jumps to put yourself in position to reach it.  Simply stick the right side of the map and use either the image or video in this guide to get up to the ramp which will allow you to easily jump through hoop #2.

Fortnite Hoop #3 Downtown Drop


The third hoop you need to jump through is another one that is pretty straight forward.  It’s positioned in the middle of the third straightaway behind the ice cream truck.  All you need to do is hit the ramp with speed and you should be able to get this one on your first try.  However, if you can position yourself to the right of the ramp when exiting the hoop you’ll be in better position to jump through Hoop #4.

Fortnite Hoop #4 Downtown Drop


The fourth hoop in Downtown Drop looks much harder than it actually is.  It looks like you need to grind two rails to get to this hoop, but there’s a really easy way to do this by sticking to the right wall and bypassing the rails altogether.  Simply jump to the last ledge on the right side of the map before the hoop and then jump through the hoop at the end of that sidewalk on the side of the building.

Fortnite Hoop #5 Downtown Drop


The fifth hoop is another easy one to hit so long as you hit it straight on.  When coming to the final straightaway before the elevator you will see two hoops.  The first one is on the left behind a blue car.  You won’t need to do anything special here.  You can simply slide towards the car and then hit the tires when you get close.  Your momentum should allow you to jump through hoop #5.

Fortnite Hoop #6 Downtown Drop


The last hoop is at the end of the crane just before the elevator that takes you back to the beginning of the map.  What you’ll need to do here is get enough momentum and speed on the ramp before the red crane to boost you up to the wire at the top of it.  Once you’re on the top of the crane you simply need to grind along the cable and then hop through the hoop and your challenge will be complete.

The reward for completing the Jump Through All 6 Flaming Hoops Challenge is another Back Board cosmetic item.  This one is the Epic Fishstick Back Board.

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