Fortnite: Where to Set Up a Direct Relay With the Paradigm Near Sanctuary

Find out where to set up the Direct Relay near Sanctuary for this weeks challenge!

by Shaun Cichacki


As you make your way through the epic battles in the world of Fortniteyou’ll also be tasked with completing new challenges every week. You’ll be doing a plethora of different tasks, as you’ll be helping The Seven take on the IO Forces in a battle for the ages. However, with certain tasks, you may not be sure exactly where you need to go, or what you’ll need to do. This week, you’ll be tasked with setting up a direct relay with the Paradigm, but where do you need to go?

Well, let’s dig into this and see what we need to do, and where we need to go to get this job done and help The Seven out in their quest. We’ll show you exactly where you need to go, and what you’ll need to do to get this quest complete, so let’s dive in!

Fortnite – Set Up Direct Relay with the Paradigm Location


After making your way out of the Battle Bus, you’ll want to make sure that you drop near Sanctuary, so that way you’ll be able to gear up before embarking on this quest. Since the location of this quest is fairly out in the open, you could be attacked from any direction, so making sure that you’re prepared will help you survive in the long run.

Once you have done that, you’ll want to head to the southwest out of Sanctuary, towards the location on the map above. You’ll need to make your way onto the hill, and begin the process of setting up the relay. You’ll know that you’re in the right spot if you can see two windmills and a small hut near the location. You’ll need to make your way to the highest point of that location, where you’ll see the prompt to set up the direct relay.

Thankfully, setting up the relay takes almost no time, so you won’t need to worry about being vulnerable for a long period, as you’ll just need to hold the action button for a few moments, and then you’ll be ready to go with an extra 23,000XP added to your level, which should help put you towards the next level of your Battle Pass! Now that you’ve completed this, you’ll be able to move on to the next challenge that is available to you this week.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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