Gears Tactics – How to Save

How to save your progress in Gears Tactics.

by Diego Perez

Gears Tactics takes the Gears of War formula and translates it to a turn-based top-down perspective. Because things can change dramatically from turn to turn, you’re going to want to save your progress often to ensure you don’t trap yourself in a bad spot during a mission. Some strategy games allow you to save frequently in order to give you multiple saves to fall back on in case of failure, but Gears Tactics is not like other strategy games. This is how to save in Gears Tactics.

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How to Save in Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics relies on autosave functionality to save your progress. There is no way to manually save your game. The game is saved at the end of every mission you complete. That doesn’t mean there aren’t bookmarks for your progress during a mission, however. The game features checkpoints during missions, and after reaching one of these checkpoints, you can select Restart from Checkpoint in the pause menu to revert back to it. Checkpoints also provide you with a stopping point if you need to log off before finishing a mission. You’ll be placed at your latest checkpoint if you exit the game in the middle of a mission.

Unfortunately, you cannot create manual saves during a mission, so there isn’t any way to undo a single turn or mistake in Gears Tactics. Checkpoints tend to pop up right before big encounters though, and you’ll know exactly when one shows up because a notification will appear on the right side of the screen. Gears Tactics is a lot more forgiving than other strategy games like XCOM, so you most likely won’t need to constantly reload saves during a mission. There are plenty of ways to revive downed allies and heal teammates back to full health. The absence of manual saves prevents you from constantly reloading saves to get a perfect run in Gears Tactics, and it forces you to play out scenarios as they happen and live with the consequences.

- This article was updated on May 6th, 2020

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