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Hitman 2 How to Hide Weapon

Hide your weapon to stay in stealth.

by William Schwartz


You can’t just around with your gun in your hand in Hitman 2.  Sometimes you’re going to need to hide your weapons if you want to move around freely.  There are multiple ways to hide weapons in Hitman 2.  You can place them in the environment to be picked up later, conceal them in evironmental containers, or if a weapon is small enough it can be concealed on your body.

To quickly conceal a weapon that you are holding in your hand, you will press up on the d-pad to put the weapon away.  You can then quickly re-equip the weapon by pressing up on the d-pad again.

To place a weapon in the environment, equip and hold it in your hand by pressing up left or right on the d-pad and press X/A to select it, then press up or down on the d-pad to carry or conceal it and then press the R1/L1 Buttons to place the item on the ground.  A green outline will show up on the weapon when placing it on the ground.

You can also conceal weapons in the environment by hiding them

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