Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide: Which Cauldrons Unlock Machine Override Abilities?

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Guerrilla Game’s latest title, Horizon: Zero Dawn, features a vast world to explore that is full of many different types of machines that are based on different animals and dinosaurs. We already explained to you how you can override machines in the game in another guide, which plays a big part in the experience, but there is a way for you to unlock the ability to override the much tougher machines as well.

Upon reaching the point of the game where you are first able to override a machine, there are six different ones that you can do this on. The way to be able to tell this is by using your Focus and scanning the machine, which will reveal a certain symbol. At the start, you can only override those with the PSI logo, which you can find out for sure by entering your menu and looking at your notebook in the Machine Catalogue. By clicking on a creature you’ve seen, you will see not only the logo, but also the name of that associated logo.

While you are limited to six at this point, you can unlock the ability to override most of the rest of the machines in the game, with this being done by completing the in-game Cauldrons. These mini-dungeons are available as soon as the world opens up for you in Horizon: Zero Dawn, but they each have different difficulty recommendations, so be very careful.

Horizon: Zero Dawn offers four total Cauldrons for you to conquer, with each providing between three to five new overrides. To help you find the one you’re looking for, the below are what you need to do to be able to override each one.

Overrides Available From The Start
Redeye Watcher

Cauldron SIGMA

Cauldron RHO

Cauldron XI
Fire Bellowback
Freeze Bellowback

Cauldron ZETA

Sadly, there are also a few machines in the game that cannot be overridden, which include Corruptors, Deathbringers, as well as the Corrupted versions of the existing machines.

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