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How to Aim Better in Blackout & Call of Duty Black Ops 4

A combination of settings and practice can have you aiming better.


Regardless of whether you’re playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4 or the new Battle Royale Blackout mulitplayer mode, aiming well is paramount to performing well in the game.  There are a lot of factors that go into better aim in Call of Duty, some are within the game settings themselves, others are settings for your controller, and some have to do with simply practicing enough to actually get better.  There is no magic formula to aim better in Blackout, but here are some things that you can focus on when trying to improve your aim.

Checking your Blackout Control Settings

This might sound simple enough, but most Call of Duty players probably don’t even realize that there are different sensitivity settings that can drastically change your aim in Blackout.  To take a look at these settings you should head into the Controls menu option.  This can be accessed anytime, whether in game or not.  To access these settings for Blackout, you’ll want to make sure you have selected Blackout game mode from the main menu and then use the menu button to access the options tab.  From there you will see an option to change your control settings.

The default settings are going to be 4 for Horizontal Look Sensitivity, 4 for Vertical Look Sensitivity, and 1x for ADS Sensitivity.  Changing these will drastically affect the way that guns work and how fast your can look around and aim.  Raising these is not the answer for better aim in Blackout.  Instead, slightly tweaking them until you find a setting that feels good to you is definitely the way to go.

There are some professional Call of Duty players whose play styles work well with high Look Sensitivities like 9 for both horizontal and vertical.  A nice place to start for those looking to improve aim is by just bumping these settings up one notch until comfortable.  Changing the horizontal and vertical look will allow you aim quicker, but not better.  Changing either of these will not give you aim better in Blackout.  They can actually make things considerably harder if you keep ADS sensitivity at 1x as you increase these.


Higher isn’t always better when it comes to sensitivity

This is because the ADS Sensitivity (the speed with which you can look when aiming down the sight of your weapon) becomes quicker as you raise the vertical and horizontal sensitivity.  A good practice that many players use is to bump up the horizontal and vertical sensitivity settings while lowering ADS sensitivity to .75 to compensate for the increase, giving you a little better aim when your aiming down the sights of your gun.

 Rumble OFF

One thing that a lot of professionals do when playing shooters on consoles is turning off the rumble features on your controller.  Since most shooters feature rumble that shakes your controller while shooting weapons, turning this off can actually give you a steadier hand in the game.  This is especially true with Blackout.  You can turn off the Rumble function on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 controllers through the controls menu that you accessed for the sensitivity settings.  Turning rumble off may take some getting used to, but there is less bounce in the controller once you do.  Weapons in Blackout will still have the same recoil that they had before which is another important factor in aiming better.

Different Weapons Have Different Recoil Patterns

Knowing what weapon you’re using is going to help immensely in being able to aim better in Blackout.  Each weapon has different recoil patterns in the game.  So this means that aiming directly at target while holding down the trigger will have a different effect with different weapons.  Some have high recoil and the spread of bullets will be harder to manage, making it harder the longer your hold the trigger to keep your aim where you want it to be.

The solution here is knowing how much recoil each weapon has and using varying firing rates for different situations.  For the automatic weapons in the game, the longer you hold the trigger the more recoil you’ll need to deal with.  You can use these automatic weapons as single shot weapons by slighting pulling the trigger instead of holding it in.  This will allow you to feather off 3 or 4 more accurate shots instead of a mess of bullets with little chance to hit their target.  This is usually a good practice when your target is at a distance.

Using Attachments

Finding attachments and using them on your weapon is pretty important in Blackout.  The weapon attachments make guns more accurate and make it easier to hit your targets.  There are numerous attachments that you can pick-up and equip on your weapon.  When looting you should always look for the attachments that work for your playstyle.  For example, the red dot sight is great for weapons when you need better hip-fire accuracy.  The foregrip will reduce the sway.  Weapon sights can also be found that allow you to have more zoom capability for more accurate shots.  The scopes that can be equipped on weapons vary from gun to gun though.

It’s different than Call of Duty Multiplayer


Say you’re a crack shot in Call of Duty multiplayer, while those skills will probably carry over to Blackout, there are some other things at play in this game mode.  Blackout features bullet-drop that needs to be accounted for when shooting from a distance.  Depending on how far you are away from your target, you’re going to want to aim higher or lower to make a precise shot as bullets will drop over the course of their trajectory.

This impacts all weapons and is really noticeable when using sniper rifles.  You’re going to want to aim the appropriate amount of distance above your target if they’re far away from you.  Hitting moving targets going left to right, you’re going to need to adjust both the height and the lead of the shot.   Typically, if a player is running at full speed you’re going to want to aim about the size of the character model + 1/2 of that in front of them to hit them on the run while also adjusting for any bullet drop when aiming.

Practice Practice Practice

Some of these things you can implement and test right away when trying to aim better in Blackout.  You may find that a few simple tweaks to your control settings will help a lot.  However, things like bullet-drop and leading targets can take some practice as there are many different shots that you can take in the game and each will require careful aim.  The solution is to practice, but take note of what works and what doesn’t, what distances required what adjustments before the shot for it to connect.

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