How to Beat Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P

Learn how to defeat one of the game's most challenging bosses — Laxasia the Complete.

by Christian Bognar
Laxasia the Complete Boss Guide
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Laxasia The Complete is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, boss in Lies of P. Chapter 11 starts to ramp up the difficulty, so you’ll need to be prepared for the end game. If you are having trouble defeating this brutal boss, we’ve got you covered. This guide will cover how to beat Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P.

Tips on Defeating Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P

Laxasia the Complete has two phases, one where she has full armor and a shield on her back. And the second, where she is an electric goddess with rapid speed. Let’s go over how to beat each phase of Laxasia the Complete in Lies of P.

First Phase – Slow and Heavy Hitter

Here are the moves you should watch out for when fighting the first phase of Laxasia the Complete and tips on how to avoid them.

  • Rush – Usually, at the start of the fight, and sometimes during, Laxasia will rush forward with her sword ready for a swing. When she gets close to you, either dodge or wait a second and perfect guard. After she swings, there is an opening for you to attack.
  • Overhead Slam Lightning – Slams her weapon down, with a lightning strike afterward. The best way to avoid this is to dodge backward or to the side.
  • Stabbing Grab – Laxasia will point toward your character and lunge forward. If she hits you, she will pick you up and slam you to the ground. To avoid this, either perfect guard or dodge to the right. Do not dodge backward, or she will get you.
  • Kick – Laxasia will kick you if you get too close. You can dodge this to the right or guard.
  • Massive Combo – When Laxasia slams her weapon down, she will continue for 12 consecutive attacks. Run away from this instead of trying to dodge or guard.
  • Lightning Wave – Laxasia will slam her weapon down, with streaks of Lightning shooting forward afterward. Dodge either way to avoid this.

Second Phase – Quick and Lightning Focused

Here are all the moves you should watch out for when fighting phase 2 of Laxasia the Complete and tips on dealing with them.

  • Lightning Shooter – At the beginning of the fight, Laxasia will start lunging lightning bolts your way. Perfect guard all of these, as each one you perfect guard will damage Laxasia.
  • Instant Lunge – Right after the beginning of the fight and shooting Lightning at you, Laxasia will lunge at you in the blink of an eye. You can only perfect guard this, so this comes down to practice.
  • Lightning Circler – Laxasia will speedily circle your character. On the second circle, sometimes third, she will lunge. Dodge forward, avoiding the lunge, and then attack when the opening becomes available.
  • Lightning Rain – Laxasia sometimes flies into the air and shoots massive lightning bolts toward you. Perfect guard these to shoot them back at her, damaging her tremendously.
  • Lightning Slam – Laxasia will coat her weapon in Lightning and slam downward. After the slam, explosions of Lightning will occur. The best way to handle this is to dodge the downward strike, wait for the explosions to pass, then move in and strike.
  • Diving Strike – Jumps into the air and smashes down, creating lighting to fly outward. This comes down to dodging to the left or right or guarding.

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Preparing for Laxasia the Complete

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Outside of learning to dodge and guard the moves above, you’ll need to come prepared for the fight. I recommend loading up on as many Throwing Items as possible and Fable Catalysts. You can purchase everything from the Black Market Merchant in the Malum District. Additionally, you should have a few Attribute Resistance Ampoules to increase your resistance against Laxasia’s electric blitz temporarily.

Using the Throwing Items when you find an opening is crucial. This allows you to keep your distance while also dealing high damage. Throwing Items are powerful and can make all the difference you need to win the fight against Laxasia.

As for your arsenal, it’s best to have a weapon imbued with Acid damage. I recommend using the Acidic Crystal Spear Blade, combined with a handle that scales best with your stats and fits your playstyle. Quick is better here, so you should have the Acidic Crystal Spear Blade attached to a dagger handle.

Also, having the correct Grindstone is essential here. Either use the Perfection Grindstone or the Acid Grindstone. Perfection will allow you to perfect guard every move, which is fantastic for the Lightning Bolt attacks, considering perfect guarding these will also damage Laxasia. As for the Acid Grindstone, this will increase Acid damage, which will drain Laxasia’s health much quicker.

- This article was updated on September 21st, 2023

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