All Trinity Door Locations in Lies of P

This guide will cover all Trinity Door locations in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
Trinity Door Locations Lies of P
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Lies of P Trinity Doors are essential to search for as they offer rare rewards for upgrading and unique outfits. Five Trinity Doors are found throughout the game’s eleven chapters, each well hidden. This guide will walk you through how to find all five Trinity Doors in Lies of P.

How to Find All Trinity Doors in Lies of P

Remember that to open Trinity Doors, you must first get Trinity Keys by answering the Riddler’s questions correctly. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter phone booths that will ring, pick it up to answer the Riddler’s questions. Without further ado, here are the locations of all Trinity Doors in Lies of P.

Chapter 3: Workshop Union Culvert

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From the Workshop Union Culvert Stargazer, continue through the right hallway to the opening with the giant fireball. Take a right and run uphill to the last door opening on the right-hand side (while avoiding the fireball). Continue past the area where you met the Red Fox and Black Cat. Instead of going through the red pipe on the left side, take a right and head through the alleyway until you reach the Trinity Door on the left.

Chapter 4: St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Chapel

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Start from the St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Chapel Stargazer, make your way down into the hole, and keep going until you reach the first ladder; go down it. Go across the pool of acid you find here and climb the ladder. Next, traverse the planks and avoid the clockwork mechanisms until you reach the other side and there are no more planks to traverse. Eventually, you’ll reach a slope with an electric ball (on the level’s main path).

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Avoiding the electric ball, go to the top of the slope, and immediately to your right, you’ll find a ladder. Climb the ladder and find another slope with an electric ball. Time it right and sprint up the slope; to your left, about halfway up, you’ll find the Trinity Door.

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Chapter 6: Estella Opera House Entrance

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To find the Trinity Door in chapter 6, progress through the level until you unlock the giant door in the main lobby of Estella Opera House. Afterward, start from the Estella Opera House Entrance Stargazer and continue straight. Go through the large doors you opened leading to the flaming chandelier swinging back and forth.

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Instead of going across the plank, fall below. Turn around immediately, and you’ll find the Trinity Door.

Chapter 9: Krat Central Station Lobby

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From the Krat Central Station Lobby, go up the small staircase directly ahead. Before going outside, turn to your left and go through the open door (which was previously closed earlier in your playthrough). Down the staircase in this room, you will find the Trinity Door.

Chapter 11: Arche Abbey Outer Wall

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This guide section will start after you have put down the ladder leading back to the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer. If you still need to do so, keep progressing through the level, and you will eventually reach the ladder on the main path.

Take the ladder to the left of the Stargazer from the Arche Abbey Outer Wall Stargazer. Next, make your way to the top of the building, where the enemy shooting rockets resides. Take the next ladder until you reach a large room with a pit in the middle that leads to the floor. Take a right and continue down the ladder and plank that runs in the middle of the room until you reach the ground level. The Trinity Door is on the ground level, lit by torches, and hard to miss.

All Riddler Questions and Answers in Lies of P

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To prepare you for finding all the Trinity Doors in Lies of P, let’s get you all the required Trinity Keys. Below, you will find all the answers to the Riddler’s questions, rewarding you with a Trinity Key for each.

  • Chapter 2 – Human
  • Chapter 5 – Candle
  • Chapter 7 – Egg
  • Chapter 9 – Ergo
  • Chapter 10 – Any Answer

If you have trouble finding the phone booths, keep your ears ready as the ring is reasonably loud, leading you to the booth.

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