Lies of P Soft Caps for Each Stat

Read this guide to learn about soft caps in Lies of P!

by Christian Bognar
Soft Caps in Lies of P
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Lies of P is all about creating the strongest character possible to take down the game’s challenging bosses. To do this, you need to spend Ergo towards stats. When you start leveling stats, you will see a significant increase in numbers towards health, stamina, attack power, etc. But when do you start seeing diminishing returns? This guide will review the soft caps for each stat in Lies of P.

What is the Soft Cap for Stats in Lies of P?

At the time of writing, the soft caps for all stats in Lies of P appear to be around 60. This means once you start leveling a specific stat after level 60, you will see tiny increments of increase towards what that stat targets. For example, if you reach level 60 on Vigor, your stamina will only increase by 1 to 2 points. Instead, earlier levels could raise it way more than that.

I recommend you don’t surpass 35 on any specific stat you want to focus on unless you are into New Game Plus. 35 is the sweet spot for most stats, especially Vigor and Vitality. This is the perfect amount to have enough health for the end-game bosses and stamina to consistently swing all the weapons in the game and dodge and guard.

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How to Respec in Lies of P

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If you accidentally put too many points into a stat and want to Respec, there’s a way to do so. Once you reach the end of chapter 7, you unlock the Saintess of Mercy Statue, the statue you can go to whenever you want to Respec your character. Keep in mind that you’re going to need to grab Gold Coin Fruit from the Gold Coin Fruit Tree in Hotel Krat whenever you want to Respec.

As you continue to Respec your character in Lies of P, the amount of Gold Coin Fruit required will increase. This means you should think hard before hitting confirm during the Respec process so you don’t have to wait too long for the fruit to ripen on the tree.

- This article was updated on September 19th, 2023

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