Best Blade and Hilt Combos in Lies of P

Here are the best blade and hilt weapons in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
Best Blade and Hilt Combinations in Lies of P
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Lies of P has a unique weapon crafting system. The way it works is the player can take the blade of a weapon, and the handle or hilt of another weapon and combine the two. There are an incredible amount of combinations players can make, but some are better than others. This guide explores the best blade and handle combinations in Lies of P.

Best Blade and Handle Combinations in Lies of P

There are three different builds players can primarily focus on in Lies of P: Motivity, Technique, or Advance. Motivity focuses on strength, Technique is Dexterity, and Advance is elemental base. Below are the two best combinations of blades and handles for each build type in Lies of P.

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Best Advance Blade and Handle Combinations in Lies of P

The combinations below are weapons that will scale with the Advance stat. These are great for those who want to apply as much elemental damage as possible.

Salamander Dagger Blade + Black Steel Cotter Handle

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The Salamander Dagger Blade is decent in its base form but lacks the strength and range of a good weapon. This is where the Black Steel Cotter Handle comes in. Attaching this handle to the fire dagger will allow for heavier hitting hits and more range with each swing, considering the handle is larger in size this time.

Additionally, you keep the Ignite Fable Art for higher fire attacks while adding a Fable Art that triggers a powerful attack on a successful guard. This fact makes it a better weapon against the game’s challenging bosses.

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Black Steel Cutter Blade + Salamander Dagger Handle

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In its base form, the Black Steel Cutter Blade offers powerful attacks plus fire damage, but the slowness can really damper its potential. Adding the Salamander Dagger Blade, you get faster attacks that allow you to keep a safe distance as you poke forward at your opponent.

The two Fable Arts work perfectly together, where on the blade side, you can slash an enemy in front of you multiple times, while the handle allows you to stab an enemy in front of you and quickly move backward. It’s the perfect weapon for advanced builds, allowing you to be more agile and apply more fire damage.

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Best Technique Blade and Handle Combinations in Lies of P

The combinations mentioned in this section scale the best with the Technique stat. They allow for mobility while not sacrificing damage output.

Electric Coil Stick Head + Booster Glaive Handle

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There’s no denying that robots are tough enemies in Lies of P. The good news is that these enemy types are weak to electric attacks. The Electric Coil Stick Head mixed with the Booster Glaive Handle gives you more range for applying electric damage while allowing for devastating blows through the Fable Arts ability.

The blade Fable Arts ability increases the Electric Blitz attack, while the handle’s ability is a massive charge-up attack that can knock any enemy into a stagger. You get all this without the cost of mobility, as the attacks are a solid speed.

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Black Steel Cutter Blade + Master Chef’s Knife Handle

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If you want a fire sword, this is the combination for you. The Black Steel Cutter Blade mixed with the Master Chef’s Knife Handle creates a weapon with a sword’s playstyle and speed, all while setting your foes ablaze. Each Fable Art of this combination is a Slash move, which equals more damage output.

If you have increased your Fable Art meter through the P-Organ, you can make back-to-back Fable Arts attacks lasting for ten massive blows. This combination can obliterate some bosses if appropriately used.

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Best Motivity Blade and Handle Combinations in Lies of P

The combinations in this section scale the best with the Motivity stat, representing strength. They are hard hitters focusing on staggering enemies.

Booster Glaive Blade + Big Pipe Wrench Handle

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Booster Glaive Blade is an early-game Technique weapon, but it can be turned into an end-game Motivity weapon with this combination. Adding the Big Pipe Wrench Handle makes the overall weapon scale with Motivity, making it slower and hit harder than ever.

The damage output can be incredibly high with this combination if invested in and upgraded, and this rings especially true through its Fable Arts. Storm Slash (Blade) shoots your character forward, closing in the gap for a heavy strike, while Payback Swing (Handle) is great for close encounters, where you can deal severe damage right after a guard.

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Acidic Crystal Spear Blade + Pistol Rock Drill Handle

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The Pistol Rock Drill Handle is among the most unique handles in all Lies of P. It allows any weapon to be drilled into the enemy, consistently racking up the damage output numbers. Combining this possible move with the Acidic Crystal Spear Blade, a blade that applies acid, will allow the player to apply as much acid as possible, leading to passive damage without attacking. Using this combination is especially helpful when a boss is distracted by your Specter, where you sneak up behind and drill acid into the boss’s back.

The Fable Arts are also great here, where the Pistol Rock Handle executes a forward lunge drill attack. Meanwhile, the Blade’s Fable Art applies more acid to the weapon itself, allowing for more damage for a short period.

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Try the suggestions mentioned for your specific build type, and I’m sure you’ll find one that works best for you. The game’s bosses are tough, but Lies of P gives the player a ton of accessibility and customization to overcome the challenges.

- This article was updated on September 19th, 2023

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