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How to Beat Moragia in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Are you wondering how to beat Moragia in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) after rising from the Death Mountain Crater? Moragia is a massive three headed boss that immediately begins spitting projectiles at you. This means you have to think quick on your feet when coming up with a strategy to beat it. However, the way you do actually beat it isn’t what you would think. Here is how to beat Moragia in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) easily.

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To beat Moragia, you must destroy all three of its heads by shooting Yunobo like a cannonball from the deck of a Zonai Wing.

After completing the Great Sky Island tutorial zone, you will start the Goron story arc after reaching the Regional Phenomena quest. This quest will place four markers on your map, with one of those markers leading you to the Northeast part of the map. Once here, you will obtain the Yunobo of Goron City quest, leading you to Death Mountain and the Moragia boss fight.

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After the cutscene ends and you hear Yunogo hilariously say, “Oh boy, it’s real big” (aka a perfect setup for an iconic Michael Scott “That’s What She Said” joke), look to your right for the Zonai Wing, you will need to pilot.

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To beat Moragia, you must use the Ultrahand Ability to bring the Zonai Wing to the platform, as shown above. When on the Zonai Wing, being cautious of Moragia’s fireball attacks is essential. To dodge them successfully, try moving diagonally as you approach to take your shot. In addition, Yunobo will warn Link that Moragia is about to fire, giving you extra time to change your approach.

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As you approach Moragia, Yunogo will attach himself to your glider and become a projectile weapon. You can shoot Yunogo at Moragia by aiming with the joystick and pressing the A button to fire him.

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After shooting the first head, I found that it is best to fly around to the right side of Death Mountain to reach Moragia’s other two heads. Otherwise, you can’t shoot them properly and will take unnecessary damage from Moragia’s attacks.

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After destroying Moragia’s three heads using Yunogo, it will explode and end the fight. This may seem tedious, but you will destroy a head with a single Yunogo shot, making the fight easy.

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